Environmental Corporate and Property Due Diligence

Environmental Corporate and Property Due Diligence

A2 Environmental Consultants Ltd (A2) is an independent environmental consultancy specialising in providing cross sector Environmental Audit and Assessment services on an international basis for corporate and property transactions. The environmental due diligence (EDD) team’s expertise lies in over 20 years experience by the founder and Associates in identifying issues of material effect in a transaction and recommending how best to manage or mitigate these issues. We provide a comprehensive, cost effective, technically robust and professionally documented service covering all aspects of environmental legislation including:

  • preparation of permits;
  • liaison with the regulator;
  • ongoing compliance and maintenance;
  •  and license surrender.

We develop appropriate strategies to manage risk, either pre- or post-completion with the overriding objective of minimising liabilities. Our aim is to translate technical issues and constraints into commercially-focused, non technical explanations
and practical solutions, acting for the vendor, buyer or funder in the transaction context.

Our services are used in a wide spectrum of transactions including;

  • Portfolio screening (Single asset or portfolio)
  • Competitive Bid assessment
  • Exit / Disposal audit.
  • Post-Completion & Negotiation
  • Operational compliance and
  • Vendor diligence

A typical sequence would be:

Data Room Assessment
Early stage assessment of available data whether pre-collated, or where existing information requires to be brought together through direct contact, or investigative research.

Environmental screening
Initial screening of environmental liabilities relating to the target portfolio allowing an early stage overview of key issues. Our reports identify headline environmental risks on contaminated land, operational permitting regulatory compliance,
flood risk, H&S and any relevant “big ticket” or deal breaker issues

Pre-acquisition Due Diligence
Our Phase 1 Audit support is tailored to the client’s needs, taking into account deal structure, timing and the target entity and will include a data room review followed by a detailed site walkover and audit of the target company’s operations. For acquisition, the scope will focus on potential liabilities which will be transferred to a new owner, plus potential relevant constraints which could impact the proposed business model within foreseeable timescales. Our reports are written for institutional funder reliance and can be provided for the benefit of the purchaser, his funder and other syndicated parties. Where an asset is to be disposed, our reports will focus on key issues that may need to be resolved pre-divestment, and will support the transfer of liabilities to a new owner through the process of selling with information.

International Due Diligence
Wherever the target assets are located, our team, coupled with our global network of consultants can ensure we understand the local environment and legislative framework. Our international support structure will interpret the country-specific
regulatory and cultural context in which a company operates to identify critical but often subtle differences in operational liabilities.

Post-transaction Support
Our range of environmental management services ensures that liabilities identified can be managed and removed from consideration should there be a need for any secondary environmental diligence further down the line, thus facilitating as smooth an
exit as possible. This can include;

  • Asbestos management support,
  • Investigation and management of contaminated land,
  • Environmental permitting support or development advice,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Reporting,
  • Data room review or preparation,
  • Environmental permitting application, monitoring and surrender,
  • Expert witness,
  • Pre-divestment audits,
  • Tenant audits and residual liability review.


Enhanced Due Diligence
No two deals are the same and the nature of the business will dictate in many ways what are the key factors to be addressed as part of the diligence exercise. A2 can bring the right team with the relevant disciplines to bear on the transaction as has been demonstrated through past deals on which we have advised a wide range of clients

A selection of clients our team have advised include;

  • HBOS, Lloyds,
  • RBS,
  • ING,
  • Clydesdale,
  • Vision Capital,
  • Candover,
  • Aberdeen Asset Managers,
  • AWG,
  • Barclays,
  • Close Brothers PE,
  • LGV,
  • Hamilton Portfolio,
  • Duke Street Capital,
  • Dickson Minto,
  • Deloro Stellite,
  • Whyte & Mackay Plc.


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