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About A2 Environmental
A2 Environmental Consultants Ltd (A2) is an independent sustainable environmental consultancy based in Glasgow, serving clients in the Utilities, Corporate and Property markets.  With extensive experience in the wind energy sector, whether an onshore, offshore or grid connection project, we provide advice and expertise at all project stages, from initial feasibility to post-construction monitoring. Our staff and extended team have worked on renewable farm projects across the UK and have a broad range of experience in infrastructure studies and design, and coastal assessment and engineering. We can assemble a project team with an understanding of the relevant planning policy and local knowledge of the key issues and stakeholders, geared to any particular project. 

 We achieve cost and programme savings through early advice on constraints and opportunities which help release sites for development and reduce potential planning objections. Our core services are as follows:

Sector Knowledge
A2’s Principals offer market-leading knowledge and experience of the issues associated with renewable energy developments, having undertaken studies including feasibility and scoping, geotechnical evaluation and design specifications, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), data collection, monitoring, surveys, research projects and independent reviews of  EIAs by others for a variety of projects including onshore wind farms and offshore structures  Central to our successful work is good liaison with competent authorities, regulators and stakeholders.

Site Selection and Feasibility
A2 provides a top-level assessment of the feasibility of a site or area for the development of renewable energy projects. All parameters and considerations can be covered including technical, financial and environmental constraints and risks. A2’s feasibility studies identify the scope of future assessment requirements and provide a solid foundation upon which financial and development decisions can be made with confidence. Whole life cost estimates can also be provided for comprehensive budgeting requirements.

We have provided Preliminary constraints plans and mapping to indicate turbine layout, access roads, grid connection, taking due cognisance of identified environmental constraints, such as ecological and ornithological issues vicinity to population centres, noise and shadow flicker, telecommunications, wayleaves, aviation routes, and visual assessment. Our expertise lies in the identification of “show stoppers” and mitigation measures – We are experienced in consulting with SNH and RSPB to ensure that wind farm design and layout does not interfere with sensitive species or wildlife designated sites.  We consult with the relevant organisations with respect to objections from aviation stakeholders on the grounds of radar interference, obstruction or impact to low flying, and the applicable aviation interests’ guidelines

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
At the root of good EIA practice is the proper scoping and screening of the project with the Local Authority. We have a positive track record in the scoping out of non key issues to restrict the scope of and EIA, and in providing the robust argument as to why an EIA is in particular situations not required We consult extensively during the initial project design stages with regulatory authorities, stakeholders, and the community; assisting with environmental approvals and consents; and developing and implementing monitoring and environmental management plans and management systems for the construction, operation, and decommissioning stages of the project

Specialist Assessments
Specific Expertise includes;

  • Ecology.
  • Landscape, Visual Amenity
  • Acoustics Vibration and Shadow Flicker
  • Hydrogeology, Hydrology
  • Geology and Geotechnical
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Public Enquiry Through our extended team

  • Viability and Feasibility assessment
  • Traffic  and Transportation
  • Consents and Licensing
  • Health and Safety
  • Archaeology
  • Built Heritage
  • Carbon Footprinting 

Key Partners
Our Core Services in environment and Planning are supplemented by certain third parties with whom we have established working relationships. This specialist resource includes

JMP Consultants
A2 works closely with JMP Consultants Ltd who offers a full suite of transport consultancy services, ranging from initial swept-path analyses to a full Transport Assessment. JMP’s civil and structural engineering teams provide a range of specialist services and advice for bridge inspection and strengthening; excavation engineering; groundwater control; borrow pit locations and sustainable drainage systems. JMP provides guidance on access routing beyond the public road extremities to the turbine locations. Taking into account geometrical constraints and anticipated ground conditions, initial guidance on viable routing and access construction makeup, to feed into the overall turbine location process can be provided.

EC Harris
EC Harris has over 20 years experience, working on a global scale through Renewable Energy R&D project companies, supporting a number small\large scale Offshore & Onshore Wind Farms including: energy and wind assessment, energy efficiency & carbon management studies, design & planning, procurement, construction and grid connection. project management for life cycle and the pre-construction process of development from post planning permission consent to financial close.

Our Track Record
Some examples of relevant projects and clients are detailed below. This experience provides us with the capability to effectively assess all aspect related to renewable energy production

Renewable Project examples include;

  • Wind Catch; Tiree - Feasibility Study
  • Black Law Wind Farm, Scottish Power - Construction Phase Compliance
  • Cambusmore Easter Ross -  EIA Advisor & Management,
  • Park Village, Drumoak Aberdeenshire, CHAP - EIA and Planning Application
  • Whiteness property Group Arderseir - EIA and Planning Application

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